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The world first intelligent device for a visually impaired people.


Instant Reader

Helps to read any printed text by just pointing the finger sequentially over the printed text in real time.

Find Device

The Find Device voice command is used with the Smartphone application to trigger a loud alarm in the Device and hence helping him find his device.


 It replaces the cane and overcomes its limitations by detecting knee-above and hanging obstacles and intelligently informing the user via haptic feedback.

Panic Button

In case of an Emergency, the mobile application sends an alert to the telephony server which generates automated call and text message to parents and emergency services for help.




“Manovue” is multi utility wearable haptic device used for helping a blind or visually impaired person move around in a complex environment as well as for local-sequential text scanning, where the user scans the text progressively in a local view and hears the recognized words synthesized to audible speech.

It measures the distance of objects and provides feedback via vibrations to the user. The frequency of vibrations is proportional to the distance from the detected object, allowing the user to accurately discern an obstacle’s proximity they get faster as it draws near.

It allows the users to get access to print media by just moving their fingers on the printed text and recognize objects or people. You can use “Manovue” to automatically scan and recognize people as well as objects such as money, packaged goods, CDs, DVDs, and medication bottles, as well as landmarks.

Point the device video camera at what you wish to "see" and it will pronounce the name very quickly in clear and easy to understand speech. It can be taught to recognize all the objects and landmarks you wish to identify.

“Manovue” is built with a coordinated windows phone application which makes the use of integrated Cortana personal assistant technology is used by giving voice commands.

                                                                                        MANO(HAND) + VUE(VISION) = TRANSCENDENT VISION

  • “Manovue” presents a new way for visually impaired people to read printed text locally and sequentially rather than in blockslike existing technologies dictate.
  • Blindness causes considerable social challenges, usually in relation to the activities in which a blind person cannot participate. This device enhances the ability of a blind individual to interact with the outside environment.
  • The device is going to reduce the cost of printing of braille books as the normally paper printed books can be read through this device. Also the device will help those who cannot read braille printed books and will provide the reading facility to them.
  • Physical movement is one of the biggest challenges for blind people, the device help navigate unknown environments.
  • Using this device the user may acquire information or control objects/spaces in their proximity which the current system doesn’t support.
Development Story
  • 285 million people are estimated to be visually impaired worldwide: 39 million are blind and 246 have low vision.
  • About 90% of the world's visually impaired live in low-income settings.In most of the cases Blind people are used as beggars by their family.
  • 82% of people living with blindness are aged 50 and above.
  • Somewhere in the world, someone goes blind every five seconds.
  • A child goes blind every minute.
  • It is estimated that at least 7 million people go blind every year.
  • In most of the cases Blind people are used as beggars by their family.
  • People in developing countries represent 90 percent of the world’s blind population and are 10 times more likely to go blind than those in developed countries.
  • Africa averages just one ophthalmologist for every 1.25 million people.




Manovue has a subscription model through which the device can be rented for some particular time and rent can be paid according to its need.

The device will be delivered to the user’s residence and can be returned via our delivery service.

Donation Procedure

Once the donor makes the payment for donations, an acknowledgement mail will be sent along with the receipt of payment. They will be given a link to the Manovue portal along with a unique ID and password to access it. Using this account, the donors will be able to access the details of the beneficiaries impacted by their donations. The list of all the donors will also be updated on the Manovue website on a regular basis.

After receiving the donations, the matching process will begin to allocate these donations to the potential beneficiaries through different channel partners across the country. Channel partners would be having a list of beneficiaries requesting for the donations. They would periodically identify the beneficiaries around their regions.

Using the login Id and password, each of the donors can access the portal and check information about the beneficiaries impacted by his/her donations. Beneficiary details would be made available after allocation of donations to the beneficiaries. This would also include the details of the channel partner through which their donations have been routed. An email containing the impacted beneficiaries and channel partner details would also be sent to the respective donors.

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